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Our young kids have much more potential than the older generations of their age did. But most of them feel mentally squeezed between academics and extra-curricular activities. They often feel confused due to changing social temperaments in various environments. Those who are unable to adapt, fall into this deep hole of self-pity. Young children do not understand most situations around them. They might fall into wrong activities and use unhealthy behaviour to acquire what they desire. In order to grow up as stronger persons, they need to learn how to focus on every minor aspect of their life in the very beginning.

The positive man believes that a path that has been clearly illuminated is easily followed. The interactive and compelling Motivational/ Inspirational workshop will encourage and motivate students in their academic as well as other aspects of life. It will increase and inspire the intrinsic drive that moves students toward betterment in their overall performance.

The workshop is designed to motivate students and inspire them to take responsibility and action by helping them reflect on developing talents and future goals while imagining the power they have within. The workshop is specifically tailored to be engaging, fun and informative.

Through the 1-2 hour workshop Girish will inculcate in the students, ideas such as the power of focus, hard work and vision. He believes that the importance of these three aspects of life will determine their approach to any situation or challenges they face in future.


Presentation Messages / Themes

  • Motivation - Motivation is a psychological feature that arouses an organism to act towards a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal-directed behaviors. Through his Personal experiences, Girish will speak on the motivating factors in his life, using them as an example for students to realize it is not very hard to motivate yourself, once you learn the technique, you will be able to move forward effortlessly.
  • Power of Positive Thinking - Positive thinking is the process of creating thoughts that create and transform energy into reality. A positive mind waits for happiness, health and a happy ending in any situation. When so many negative factors surround us all the time, how does positive thinking help? These values are instrumental in the growth of a person and for his/her better conditioning.
  • Don’t give up - As they study and pass each year, students will be facing new challenges. This workshop will teach them how to move on despite failures. “Don’t give up on your way to the top, as success is acquired by those who move ahead with courage and perseverance”
  • Believe in yourself - younger generation often faces a lot of confusion due to thinking conflicts between them and the older generation. “It is the decisions you make, when you have no time to make them, that define who you are.” Believing in yourself is the beginning of self-motivation which is one important factor in order to achieve your dreams.
  • Discover your strengths – who is not interested in learning more about their natural strengths and talents? During the session, students will explore their top qualities and learn how their natural strengths can help them in many different areas of life. The workshop will be interactive and resource-based where students will learn more about themselves and others in order to facilitate their achievements in academics, career, and Personal life.
  • Unleash your potential - It is often said that human beings have limitless potential. Each individual is different. “Don’t compare your achievements with others. You might not be a first ranker in class, but you might have hidden talents which you will soon discover” When the students realize what their true capabilities are, it may transform their life. Sooner the better

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"Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference"


  • thumb1 Linda LeVier Author from Los Angeles (President, Laughter Matters)

    I am happy to know that Girish will have a new website that will attract more people to his positive-thinking world. To hear from Girish is to understand fully the power our minds can have over our bodies. I had serious complications during heart by-pass surgery that led me on the path to receiving a heart transplant. Words and videos from Girish and his wife confirmed my belief that the low points on your life journey often lead to unbelievable high ones.

  • thumb1 Sanjay Mudnaney Vice president- Corporate communications, Mastek India

    The energy of Girish Gogia is just amazing , he was able to inspire the entire team of Mastekeers within such a short span of time . Girish has a courage that few people have , we have heard of people committing suicides , we have heard of rising incidence of depression in the world and here we have an example of someone who has no control over 90% of his body and yet talks about being positive ! Just being around Girish is motivation itself and when he speaks and shares his secrets they are life transforming . Thank you Girish for being a beacon of hope, your session was truly amazing and its impact cannot be forgotten for a lifetime !

  • thumb1 Darshana DoshiEx-Senior Journalist, Times Of India

    Whenever I felt despair in life i thought of Girish’s undying spirit and Isha’s laughter and felt instantly hopeful. . ‘If they can live a full and enriched life, why can’t I?’ I chided myself every time life let me down. I have known the charismatic couple for over fifteen years now and written articles about their journey .I must confess that it has left a lasting impression on my mind that has motivated me in the way nothing else has, be it an able-bodied person , an inspiring book, well meaning sermon or a an award winning movie.

  • thumb1 Neena NiarLecturer Valia College

    Two of my friends including me benefited through Globetrot Solutions n are now well settled abroad. (Canada n Denmark). They have a wide network around the world. They are helpful && quick and guide us till the end of the process. Personally I am happy with the service.

  • thumb1 Girija ramExecutive Director Newgen knowledge

    Excellent and very inspirational .Mr Gogia’s perspective on how to live life and tap into ones inner strengths is something that is experienced when one sees him in ‘action’ ! God bless, Mr Gogia.I will definitely connect Mr Gogia to the CEO of Newgen.